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My feminism is better than YOUR feminism!

Ugh, fuck this noise.

The Trouble with Jezebel

So basically, Linda Hirshman uses the launching of doublex, a new women's website which looks pretty interesting, to launch a screed against Jezebel.

Some quotes:

"As last summer’s video revealed, the Jezebel editors have pretty vivid lives to share. Moe Tkacik was apparently date-raped and says she has had unprotected sex, and Tracie Egan, in her words, “decided to go home with someone I never would have, had my vision not been impaired by 14 hours of drinking.” Jezebel editor Megan Carpentier was raped and did not report it to the police. Last spring, occasional Jezebel contributor Emily Gould published a story in the New York Times Magazine about chronicling her relationships and sex life online every day for a year; the cover photo was a shot of her in her bed."

Slut shame much? I guess sexual liberation only sounds good in theory to Hirshman.

"Given the high level of risk the Jezebel life involves, it is surprising that the offense that arouses the liberated Jezebels to real political fury is the suggestion that women like them might be made responsible for the consequences of their own acts, or that there might be general standards that define basic feminist behavior. Suggest that women report the men who rape them for the sake of future victims, say, or that women should be asked why they stay with the men who abuse them, or urged to leave them, and the Jezebels go ballistic. Judgmental, judgmental!"

Yes, thinking that constantly berating a victim of domestic violence to leave their partner might not be the best way to help them is sooo unfeminist.

Megan pretty much covers everything in her reply, as does Tracie in hers, but I'm still pissed. We get it Hirshman, your style of second-wave feminism doesn't quite mesh with the third-wave stuff that's more mainstream now. But is slut-shaming and victim-blaming EVER an appropriate response, really? And how does tearing down other feminist (or at least pro-feminist) bloggers help anyone?


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