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Feminist Debate
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For people identifying as feminists to discuss issues within the movement both locally & globally.

This community is for people who identify as feminists to discuss and debate different ideas and theories within the movement both locally & globally. We are not here to debate whether or not feminism is valid or right!

Sexism, racism, sizeism, able-bodyism, heterosexism, etc. will NOT be tolerated here & all respective posts & comments will be removed. This community is intended to be a safe-space for people to express their opinions free of said oppressive mentalities. If this is something you may have a problem with, please don't request membership.

Feel free to also use this space to post feminist inspired art or advertise upcoming protests & demonstrations. All we ask is that you do not advertise rating communities or spam the space. If you know of any active like-minded communities that you would like advertised, let us know!

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